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  • NESO_2012_7s
    Samir, Michael, Joseph, Andres, and Caitlin smile after a job well done at the New England Season Opener.
  • NESO_2012_6
    Michael, Andres, Sean, and Caitlin get ready in transition.
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  • NESO_2012_9
    Andrew powers to the finish line!
  • NESO_2012_11
    First place for Caitlin!
  • NESO_2012_12
    First place for Michael!
  • NESO_2012_13
    First place for David!
  • NESO_2012_15
    Andres, Sean, and Joseph show off their post-race dance moves.
  • NESO_2012_19
    Sean, Andres, Michael, David, and Caitlin post-race.
  • LG8s
    Michael and Samir celebrate after the Lake George Triathlon.
  • NESO_2012_3
    Andres shows off his strength to the team at Hopkinton State Park.
  • LG1
    Packet pickup
  • NESO_2012_16s
    Sean, Andres, Joseph, and Caitlin up bright and early before the New England Season Opener.
  • NESO_2012_14
    Second place for Andres!
  • NESO_2012_10
    Well-deserved post-race massages for Joel, Andres, and Joseph.
  • NESO_2012_8
    David, Michael, Caitlin, Joseph, Andres, and Joel smiling big after a job well done at the New England Season Opener.
  • NESO_2012_5
    Michael and Joel prep bikes before the race.